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Photo Copyright © 2004 Richard Koolish

Boston Manufacturing Company logo.
They were located in the building where the Charles River Museum of Industry is now.
The question is: how to make a copy of this in metal?

Misc Stuff

In 2009, The Museum of Printing uses my photographs in a slide show

And again in 2010.

Arlington Cable TV newsletter with article about me

Picture Gallery

Video Gallery

3D Pictures


Table of fractions as decimal and metric

CBC Little Boat

Harvard computers

TED Talks

MIT Henge

Mirror of my web page at world.std.com/~koolish

Screen Shots

Sun Position Calculator postscript file

Mortgage Interest Calculator applet

Horizontal sundial animation

Java examples

ATMoB Bylaws

Walking man animated ascii picture

Mirror grinder wooden automata

ATMoB power point presentation

PHSNE Pinhole Photography presentation

Photo from the M&M pinhole camera

Photo from a Nokia N95 5 Megapixel camera phone

Me, in a blacksmithing class at Prospect Hill Forge in Waltham MA. I made the fork, tongs and pointers at the bottom of the second picture.

More blacksmithing class pictures

The hatchet made from a pipe wrench jaw that I found on the street and gave to Carl.

Ancient History

I wrote the first UNIX cross assembler used by IMP programmers at BBN.

I wrote the first graphical network status map that BBN ever produced.

I worked on projects together with Will Crowther and Ray Tomlinson.

I produced the demonstration animations of an M1A1 tank for the BBN full crew tank simulator.