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Featured Producer

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar
     What do a small town in central India, the mechanical engineering department at the Indian Institute of Technology, Molecular dynamics, the MIT Hypermedia Lab, Synaptic Global Learning, and Indian classical and American fusion music have in common?  Answer:  Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar.  And what does this renaissance man have to do with Arlington Community Media?  Answer: He is the producer of a new community television series that began airing on ACMi channels in January 2010.
     ACMi recently interviewed the remarkable Dr. Sonwalkar about how he came to be in our studio and edit lab from a career in science.

     ACMI:  Dr. Sonwalkar, what brings you here from engineering labs and academia to produce a show about multicultural music forms for Arlington community television?

     Sonwalkar:  Well, I am merely going back to my roots in the Indian classical music that my uncles were performing when I began to study it as a child.  I learned to play the tabla (drum) and performed publically until leaving India for Boston and MIT.  The art and practice of this music, and the fusion form that I have also come to embrace, help to balance my professional life.

     ACMI: And how has your professional life evolved from physics to your consulting in brain-based and adaptive learning systems that you are currently focusing on?

     Sonwalkar:  Science, math, and music all inform each other synergistically and can be used in a cognitive model to create customized delivery of educational materials from all domains within one learning system. We are only beginning to discover the amazing capabilities of our brains.  I intend to offer to the schools in Arlington and elsewhere the educational benefits uncovered by my research.  The music that I play and videotape will always be part of the mix for me.

     ACMi: Thank you, Dr. Sonwalkar for this interview and for your new series on ACMi, The Multicultural Music Magazine ("Triple-M"). 
 Keeping the
"Free Press"

    We cannot fulfill our obligation to our viewers without keeping them (you) up-to-date on conditions that may affect freedom of speech and the press--for that is what community media access is charged by its communities to do. In that spirit of keeping our viewers informed, we offer the following link to the organization that brings to you the program Democracy Now! -- Free Speech TV.  Thank you for your interest in free and independent public information media. For more information, please click here.

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So you see, there's plenty of time after work or school to come to the ACMI TV studio.


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   ACMi Volunteer Producers to Meet in April
    ACMi has been wanting for some time now to gather together its growing base of accredited volunteer producers to share with them a packet of policy and procedure information and to solicit production feedback and concerns in a supportive atmosphere at the ACMi station.  We are now pleased to announce that on April 8th, the clan will gather at 85 Park Avenue from 7 to 9 PM for that purpose.  We will be sending invitations in March to all ACMi certified producers with active membership status for 2009-10 (July '09 - June '10). This gathering will provide an important opportunity for improving and codifying the process by which member volunteers and ACMi staff develop and create community-produced programming for Arlington.
    To check your membership status, you may email  Meanwhile, please save the date and join us on April 8th for this information-sharing opportunity to make our mutual collaboration even more organized and effective.

We Share the Air
Please Remember:

ACMI TV continues to be a smoke- and fragrance-free environment. Please do your best to remember, for the sake of those with allergies and respiratory conditions, to not use scented products when visiting or working with us here at ACMI.
Thank you.
Arlington Community Media Inc. was conceived and founded by Arlington citizens to ensure fair and equal access to cable programming and to provide the equipment, the training, and transmission facility to enable Arlington's residents to make themselves seen and heard townwide.  You are the reason we're here.
We're always happy to welcome you at ACMI TV.



2009 Xmas Card

    Dear ACMI Members and Friends --
    Holy Hannah, it's been cold!  But, lucky for us, we can just take a break every so often and watch the cozy winter programming on our community TV channels right here where they originate.
    We are recovering from the flurry of activity that came with the year-end holiday season.  It seems just last week 'Twas the night before Christmas. Now it's time to put away the lights and other decorations and to plan our spring activities and programming.
    As predicted, this year is mostly about programming and much less about building, grounds, and equipment concerns.  We are able now to technically produce broadcast-quality programs. Now we are enjoying a surge of Arlington-based organizations and residents who are taking advantage of our TV production facility, equipment, and training workshops to make new shows to watch and be informed and entertained by.  If you are reading this and are not yet involved in this process, please email, call, or come in to find out how you can.  In early April we will host an ACMi Community Producers Meeting to provide process and procedure information and a forum for discussion of how to enhance the ACMi volunteer producer experience.
    For now, please read on and stay in touch.  
   Warm greetings in this time of cold from...
-- The Staff at
 ______________________________________    ACMi TV

What's Up and What's On

The Arlington community responds

to ACMI's call for new programming

Now Showing: The Multicultural Music Magazine,

A Healer in Every Home, and The Family Food Show


    Indian classical music, alternative health practices, and home cooking are all subjects being explored in new shows on Arlington Community Media's expanding menu of programs.


The Multicultural Music Magazine ("Triple-M")


    Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar, a new member-producer at Arlington community television says "Music, through its melodic and rhythmic components, forms a universal language that cuts across all cultural boundaries".  Arlington", he continues, "is an increasingly multicultural community, and so the goal of "Triple-M" is to showcase the talents and cultural identities existing in and around Arlington.  Dr. Sonwalkar hopes during the course of his cable-TV series to involve Arlington schoolchildren, the Boys & Girls Club, and other area organizations in producing and performing in his programs.

    Dr. Nish, as he is affectionately called by his friends, earned a doctoral degree form MIT, where he also served as the Director of Hypermedia Teaching Facility and Principal Educational Architect.  He is founder and Managing Director of Sonwalkar Consulting Group (SCG), an educational consulting company in Arlington, and Director of Research at the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

    But before all that he earned his Bachelors' degree in music in India, regularly performed on All India Radio and Doordarshan (Indian TV) as an accomplished Tabla (drum) player of North Indian Classical style. He has also recorded Jazz-Fusion CDs in the U.S.  Now he brings to ACMi  his love of diverse musical forms as part of his new series. Visit for more information.


A Healer in Every Home


    ACMi member and volunteer producer, Begabati Lennihan, RN of the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine in Cambridge, has launched a new series on ACMI's Public channel that is designed to empower viewers to treat themselves and their kids safely and effectively at home with natural remedies. A Healer in Every Home also shares information about cutting-edge work in natural healing being developed at the Lydian Center.  Soon to become a regular series, this show's premier episode focuses on natural ways to treat the flu and supplements we can use to stay healthy throughout the winter. Visit for more info.

 The Family Food Show


    The Family Food Show - Where Families and Food Come Together - is a new cooking series now airing on ACMI's Public channel. Its producer, Cheryl Brusgulis, was a volunteer producer at Arlington's Cable Access Television (ACA) long before she became a member of ACMI's staff.  In the 1990s she assisted on several programs, and was the producer of the popular series, Inside Arlington.


    Two years ago, Cheryl joined the ACMI staff and began in 2009, during her spare time, to produce The Family Food Show.  Each episode captures members of Arlington families cooking for their relatives. Recent episodes have featured seafood and burger cooking contests between brothers-in-law. Another one follows a Brusgulis friend as she prepares a delectable fish entree for her son and husband.  Coming soon, a sister demonstrates how to prepare for her family a Mediterranean mezza (plates of savory food and dips).  So join the fun and watch your neighbors as they prepare their favorite dishes for their families. 

    Visit for more information.


    All three producers mentioned above are actively seeking participation by other Arlingtonians in their productions-both behind and in front of the camera. For more information, or to volunteer to help or star in an ACMi show, please contact these producers via their websites or contact .

*                *                *
Old Favorites, New Episodes
  Just Cook It!, Dave Sammarco's long-running reality cooking series, has just produced 3 new episodes for airing this winter.
  The Big Brother Big Sister Foundation is continuing with its ongoing series as is the Arlington Middleschool Producers (AMP) group, and the two ongoing Arlington High School production groups--Focus Media and AHS News. Other continuing programs with new episodes include, The Public Square, Retired Men's Club, Golden Opportunities, Face the Book, and The Steve Katsos Show.

*                *                *
Coming Soon

    Tracy Miller and Wu So Fai are busy working on episode 2 of Miller's new series, Natural Living--this one is about yoga.  The first episode was about organic farming in western Massachusetts, and the third episode will be about acupuncture.  So stay tuned. 
   In the spring, Akido instructor Ted Goodman introduces this flowing martial art to our viewing audience in his new series now in production.
    Brian Fiore has just begun production on a pilot called Tango, a short-subject video on Argentine Tango. It sets out to inspire and educate viewers on this wonderful and alluring dance. The central characters are experienced Boston-area Tango instructors -- high-energy individuals who have a love of Tango and a passion for teaching that is almost beyond belief.  Tango will be a mix of interview-style narrative and dance demonstration shot entirely in high-definition at the ACMI studio and on location.
    Mark Censky has begun production on a new series called Stress Less; Ben Rudnik & Friends are creating a youth music special;  and a new Arlington High School is currently proposing a special program about race issues among high school students.
Featured Volunteer
Dick Koolish

Dick Koolish
Volunteer Extraordinaire

    Richard M. Koolish, a retired software engineer (at least temporarily), popped in unannounced to ACMi studio last summer for three reasons:  "First, I was looking for something to do; second, I thought learning about video would make it possible to help other organizations I volunteer for, and third, ACMi is just down the hill from my home."


    Dick, as nearly everyone calls him, has been learning and helping ever since.  To date he has taken the ACMi Orientation and Field Camera workshops and has volunteered as a camera operator for the following ACMi-based productions:  College Life, You Can Emerge, Golden Opportunities, Rising Star Quilters, Ted Goodman's Akido series (currently in production), Multicultural Music Magazine, Natural Living, Just Cook It, Brian Fiore's Tango (now in production), and lst November's Veterans Day Concert.


    He has also learned by doing in our edit lab, as assistant editor for the Rising Star Quilters special, and editor of the recently aired Arlington tribute to Margaret Spengler.  He was a photographic consultant for the animated opening montage of You Can Emerge, and has produced slides for the ACMi Community Bulletin Board (CBB).  As if that weren't enough, Dick brokered the donation to ACMi of two antique film cameras and a projector for our reception-area "Museum Cabinet".


    Dick Koolish exemplifies the ideal traits and attitudes of an ACMi volunteer.  He is available and can flex with our changeable schedules; he is generous with his time; and he never gets ruffled when things don't happen exactly as planned.  We thank Dick for helping make what we do at ACMi  a pleasure, and we invite any other Arlington citizens who are reading his story to call or visit us to learn how to join the Arlington Community Media team of volunteers.      To top of page

 Workshops at ACMI

     ACMi TV continues to offer an Orientation session and workshops in single-camera and multi-camera field production, digital video editing, and studio production and directing. See the current listings and schedules of these offerings.

     Most workshops are 2 hours long and begin at 6:00 or 6:30 on weekday evenings, unless otherwise stipulated.       (The Final Cut Editing Workshop and the Studio Production and Directing Workshop are now offered as 3 classes on 3 consecutive days, except for a 5-hour, all-in-one combo on occasional Saturdays.)

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     All our workshops are free to ACMi members.
Reservations required
RSVP to: or call 781-777-1115

Non-member per-session fee: $35.00

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