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My "Junior Starwatcher" badge.

Comet Hyakutake

This picture was taken from Mt. Wachusett State Park in Massachusetts on Saturday night, March 23, 1996. I used a Nikkormat FT2 with a 35mm f/2 lens piggyback on a Celestron C8 telescope. The exposure was 8 minutes on gas hypered Tech Pan film. It was developed in D19 for 8 minutes at 68 degrees.

(47K JPG)

A good source of information about comets is The Comet Observation Home Page at JPL.

February 26, 1998 Solar Eclipse

This picture was taken from Aruba. I used a Nikkormat FT2 with a 500mm f/8 mirror lens. The film was Kodachrome 64.

A great page of eclipse information is Fred Espenak's Eclipse Home Page at NASA.

I was once on the cover of a magazine

I was attending the Small Craft Workshop at Mystic Seaport in June of 1989. Bob Hicks, the publisher of "Messing About in Boats" took my picture and used it on the cover of his magazine. It was quite a surprise when it arrived in the mail.

(70K JPG)

Messing About in Boats is a twice monthly magazine for small boat enthusiasts.

At the Small Craft Workshop in 1997, Bob Hicks took another picture of me standing with my Bart Hauthaway 10 1/2 foot Rob Roy canoe. The picture caption has the wrong lengths of the boats.

Amateur Astronomy, Sundials and Space

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston. The ATMoB is one of the oldest astronomy clubs in the US. We have about 300 members and meet monthly at the Harvard Observatory in Cambridge, MA. We have an observing site and clubhouse in Westford, MA.

The birthplace of amateur telescope making in this country is Stellafane in Springfield. VT. Every summer, 2000 amateur astronomers gather on Breezy Hill for a weekend convention.

If you are interested in old telescopes, then The Antique Telescope Society is the place for you.

The National Space Society has a Boston chapter.

If sundials are your interest, then check out: The North American Sundial Society. For a large list of sundial links, try Sundial Links.

A 296K scan of the Sundicator.

Thomas Spencer obituary
THOMAS DICKINSON SPENCER '34, of Pennington, N.J., died March 20, 1995. He was a retired commander in the navy who served as assistant naval attaché in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris and naval attache in Greece. Later he became an insurance broker and estate planner. He also toured with the musical Oklahoma in the role of Jud, and was joint holder of a patent for the Sundicator, a navigational instrument modeled after the ancient astrolabe.

A 50K image of a sun tracking device. If you look into the device from the bottom, there is a circular scale calibrated in altitude and azimuth. The sun creates a small bright dot on the scale.

Comets: There is a lot of comet information on the web. A few places to look are: JPL Comet Observation Home Page, and Gary Kronks Comet and Meteor Page

A great page for lunar and solar eclipse information is the Eclipse Home Page . The NASA reference publications on eclipses are available here.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics has monthly public open nights, with a lecture and public observing. I've been a volunteer there for the past nine years.

Pinhole and Zone Plate Photography

A sample zone plate.

I wrote a C program that generates a Postscript file for a Fresnel zone plate. You can download a postscript file for producing a 31 ring zone plate: zone plate postscript file or as a PDF file: zone plate PDF file

An explanation of zone plates: Chris Patton's zone plate paper at George Smyths web site.

Chris Patton's web site: here

A technical explanation of pinhole optics: Dr. Matt Young's pinhole camera paper

A couple of web resources for pinhole photography are: Pinhole Visions and The Pinhole Resource

Elliptical Pinhole Camera (95K JPG)

(222K JPG)

A 4x5 pinhole photograph from a paper negative made in the elliptical candy tin.

My note on optimal pinhole size

I made a calculator for pinhole camera exposures. You can download it as a postscript file, GIF image, JPG image, or PDF file. Note that I've had trouble getting the GIF images to print at the proper scale and getting the circles to be round. You need to print two copies of the first page and one copy of the second page in order to make the three disks that make up the calculator. So cut out each of the three kinds of disks, cut out the film speed slot on the topmost disk, and assemble with the f/number disk on top, the film speed disk in the middle, and the shutter speed disk on the bottom. To use, set the film speed, and then holding the top two disks, rotate so the pointer points to the light brightness value. Brightness values are the same as on the Luna Pro exposure meter. 20 is bright sunlight.

A postscript file for a pinhole photography exposure calculator

exposure calculator page 1 gif file

exposure calculator page 2 gif file

exposure calculator page 1 jpg

exposure calculator page 2 jpg

exposure calculator as a PDF file

Stereo Photography

Stereo photography is a lot of fun. There is a national organization, The National Stereoscopic Association. and there are also local chapters. The Boston area is fortunate to have an active group of stereo photographers. Stereo New England meets four time a year in February, May, September and November. At the meetings, we project 3D slides using a Brackett Dissolver projector.

Click on the thumbnails for an enlarged view.

The Stereo Realist Camera.

The Sanford Camera Repair rewind crank.

Note: some individual cranks don't fold down easily due to the tight fit between the parts of the crank.

The Sanford flash unit on the camera.

The flash unit by itself.

The Head of the Charles Regatta

I served as the chairman of the volunteer photography committee for 11 years. The Head of the Charles Regatta (R) is the world's largest formerly one day rowing event, with over 1100 boats and 5000 rowers. HOCR.

The Traditional Small Craft Association

The TSCA is a national organization of people interested in traditional small boats. There is a Boston area chapter that meets at the Peabody Museum in Salem, MA. TSCA Local

The Martian Popping Thing

Former BBNer Norbert Ohlenbush has a gallery of pictures of the Martian Popping Thing, a small rubber squeeze toy. I've contributed a few Polaroid images to the gallery.

Some slightly offbeat web pages

The last page of the Internet

The Ornithopter Home Page

The Kite Aerial Photography Home Page

Sand Sculpting Page

Trebuchet Page

Crystal Growing