All images Copyright 2006 by Richard Koolish

March 25, 2006

Sundial at the MIT Dibner Institute, Cambridge MA

Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
38 Memorial Drive, Cambridge MA

As found, the dial was probably in the wrong orientation, as the gnomon was pointed south instead of north. The locking screw was completely loose. I did turn it over.

Dial after being re-oriented

Sundial at Longfellow House, Cambridge MA

Brattle St., Cambridge Ma

I toured the house a few years ago and remember something about the dial being moved from Italy. The gnomon angle is 30 degrees, and the equitorial band is not perpendicular to the gnomon. The motto seems to be in Italian but is hard to read and somewhat corroded.

Sundial at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA

Tombstone for William Barton Rogers, founder of MIT

He is buried with his wifes family. And no mention is made of MIT.